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Coronavirus vaccinations begin in the United States


Vaccination against coronavirus will begin on Monday in the United States, but in some states it may start only on Tuesday, the first batches of the drug from Pfizer and BioNTech have already been shipped across the country over the weekend.

Earlier, Gustave Perna, a spokesman for the so-called Operation SuperSpeed, a public-private program for the development, production and distribution of a vaccine, said the drug will be delivered to 145 locations across all 50 states on Monday, 425 on Tuesday, and 66 on Wednesday.

Formally, each state is free to decide how to prioritize vaccinations for the population, but earlier the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued recommendations to start first with medical staff, as well as people in nursing homes and similar social institutions.

The vaccine will be offered to the country’s leadership and high-ranking representatives of the three branches of government. However, President Donald Trump later said that White House employees should receive the drug later, and said that he had given the appropriate order.

Trump himself also does not plan to vaccinate now, but wants to do it later. In October, he had already been ill with coronavirus and developed antibodies.

According to Wes Wheeler, head of the drug delivery business at UPS, all flights carrying the vaccine took off to their destinations as early as Sunday.

One of the difficulties in delivery is maintaining a constant temperature regime – the vaccine must be stored at minus 73 degrees Celsius. For this, dry ice is used.

As previously reported, by the end of the year, the authorities expect to vaccinate about 20 million people, and in the first two months of next year, this figure should reach 100 million.

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