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China attempts to block UN efforts to launch coronavirus investigation


More than 100 countries supported an independent investigation into the origin of the coronavirus pandemic, which is likely to shed light on the actions of China.

A draft resolution on the investigation has been circulated to diplomats. It will be revealed at a meeting of the World Health Assembly next week.

The resolution was drawn up by EU Member States even though initially, Australia proposed the investigation.

The draft resolution listed 123 countries that supported this idea. A two-thirds majority of 194 members is needed to pass the bill.

China objected to this proposal. China noted that it is too early to initiate such an investigation.

Australian officials argue that the scope of the resolution allows for a thorough study of China’s actions. As you know, the coronavirus began to spread from the city of Wuhan.

Australian Foreign Minister Greg Hunt said that “it is expected that the resolution will be adopted” in the next 2 days at the conference.

The text of the resolution calls for “an impartial, independent and comprehensive assessment of … the international health response to COVID-19.”

China is not directly mentioned. The text was softened by Australia. However, sources in the Australian government reported that the wording was clear enough to carry out a “proper and thorough investigation.”

The virus began to spread from the Chinese city of Wuhan in November. It has affected many countries. As a result, as part of quarantine measures, a number of world economic systems had to be closed.

Many experts believe that the virus originated in the “wet market” in Wuhan, where fresh meat and fish are sold.

The aftermath of the crisis sparked conflict at WHO, led by the World Health Assembly.

The United States axed funding to the WHO, accusing the organization of being too soft on China and accepting disinformation from China at the beginning of the spread of COVID-19.

Australia’s call for an investigation met with a sharp response from China. Beijing imposed penalties on barley and beef imports last week, blocking Australia’s access to its largest agricultural export market.

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