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New recruits who recover from COVID-19 deemed unfit for duty in US Army


The US Department of Defense has confirmed that applicants who survive COVID-19 virus infection will be declared unfit for military service until further notice. This was announced by the Military Times.

A few days earlier, a scanned document appeared on the Internet.

“During the screening process, a reported history of confirmed COVID-19 will be annotated ‘Considered disqualifying’“

Sources in the Pentagon confirm the validity of this memo and said that at all 65 US Army recruiting centers in the United States, all recruits will be checked as follows; to find out about their possible contacts with those infected with COVID-19, to measure the recruits temperature and to note other possible COVID-19 symptoms.

The reason for this harsh response by the US Army is that the disease has not yet been fully studied and it is not clear what long-term harm the virus does to the body and whether it can occur again after full recovery or if we have full immunity after survival.

The US Army does not publish the exact number of infected military personnel, but it is known that more than 6,500 cases of infection were recorded at 150 military bases in all US states except Iowa, Indiana, Minnesota and Montana. It is unclear whether those who are ill will eventually be suspended from service.

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