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Intel: Major data breach


An anonymous hacker “leaked” about 20 gigabytes of confidential information to the Internet. The data was taken from the servers of the computer manufacturer Intel. It is noteworthy that the password with which the folders were packed was the simplest of all possible – Intel123.

Intel has a security hole. A hacker made 20 GB of company data publicly available. And the information about the leak was published by IT consultant from Switzerland Tillie Kottmann.

He explained that he received these files from an anonymous source. At the same time, he promised to publish even more previously closed data in the very near future.

Among the published information is the source code of the Intel CEFDK loaders, the source code of the processor firmware for different platforms, which was developed by the American company. Several internal corporation tools for finding bugs (errors in software) were leaked at once.

Notably, Kottman also examined the archive and found password-protected zip archives there. By guessing, he found out that they are unpacked after entering the passwords “Intel123” or “intel123”. However, these passwords are not suitable for all archives. He clarified that it was these passwords that were used to protect this data in Intel itself.

ZDNet experts analyzed the leak and confirmed that it really contains information about Intel’s intellectual property, including documentation and source codes. Moreover, some of the files in the leaked archive date from May of this year.

Intel is already investigating the leak.

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