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World Markets: March 10 2020 Overview


General data regarding worldmarkets including stock indices, cryptocurrencies, and commodities are included within this daily report.

NOTE: All data is gathered based on available prices at 22:00 UTC (17:00 EST), including stock indices, cryptocurrencies, and commodities.

Overview of data presented:

  • Major North American Stock Indices
  • Major European Stock Indices
  • Major Asian Stock Indicies
  • Cryptocurrency price changes
  • Commodities Futures Prices

Tuesday’s Trading Day

After a rough day for investors yesterday, today definitely saw markets in better shape. A mixture between gains and losses was seen today, compared to yesterday’s performance of only losses. These losses were spread out globally, with major indices ending their day in the red.

Coronavirus fears coupled with an oil price war left markets tumbling. The Trump administration, however, reported that stimulus proposals for the economic impact of the coronavirus are being readied. This added some hope to the market today and even allowed some significant recoveries to be made.

Let’s take a look at world markets for March 10th 2020.


Below is a collection of major stock indices located in the Americas.

Index Last High Low Change %Change
Dow 30 25,018.16 25,020.99 23,690.34 +1167.14 +4.89%
S&P 500 2,882.23 2,882.59 2,734.00 +135.67 +4.94%
NASDAQ 8,344.25 8,347.40 7,930.43 +393.58 +4.95%
S&P/TSX 14,958.09 15,048.84 14,481.91 +443.85 +3.06%
Bovespa 92,214.47 92,230.27 86,070.96 +6147.27 +7.14%

American indices saw significant rebounds today after record-breaking losses were experienced yesterday. Each of the five stock indices shown above ended well in the green. The top three US indices, after losing each over -7% yesterday, each managed to gain just shy of +5% today.

The Dow (+4.89%), S&P 500 (+4.94%), and NASDAQ Composite (+4.95%) all ended deep in the green today, with around half of yesterday’s loss regained today. After the Trump administration announced they are readying stimulus proposals for the economic impact from the coronavirus, markets reacted optimistically. This comes a few days after Russia leaving OPEC, sparking the beginning of an oil price war sparked by Saudi Arabia.


Below is a collection of major stock indices located in Europe.

Index Last High Low Change %Change
FTSE 100 5,960.23 6,231.06 5,927.85 -5.54 -0.09%
Euro Stoxx 50 2,910.02 3,088.57 2,896.74 -49.05 -1.66%
CAC 40 4,636.61 4,924.84 4,615.16 -71.29 -1.51%
DAX 10,475.4911,032.2910,423.90 -149.53 -1.41%
SMI 9,195.93 9,576.04 9,150.54 -0.67 -0.01%

Over in Europe, each major index listed above ended in the red today. This comes a day after the same indices declined between -5.55% and -8.39%. While the American indices certainly saw a rebound, perhaps the same will be true for European ones in the coming days.

Leading in losses today was the EU’s Euro Stoxx (-1.66%), followed by France’s CAC (-1.51%) and Germany’s DAX (-1.41%). These three are the same top three in terms of losses from yesterday too, however with the EU and French index switching places.

Next, England’s FTSE 100 (-0.09%) continued to see a slight decrease. This was the same for Switzerland’s SMI (-0.01%), which continues to lead the European stock indices in terms of performance (relative to this group of indices).

Although today was another day in the red for this group, it was certainly better. After the last major decline (the week before last), European indices recovered rather decently, however only time will tell if that will be the case this time.


Below is a collection of major stock indices located in Asia.

Index Last High Low Change %Change
SSE 2,996.76 3,000.30 2,904.80 +53.47 +1.82%
Hang Seng 25,392.5125,578.6124,978.97 +352.05 +1.41%
Nikkei 225 19,867.1219,970.3518,891.77 +168.36 +0.85%
BSE Sensex 35,634.9536,950.2035,109.18 0.00 0.00%
SET 1,271.25 1,285.65 1,258.70 +15.31 +1.22%
S&P/ASX 200 5,939.60 5,939.60 5,538.90 +179.00 +3.11%

In Asia, each of the stock indices listed above ended in the green today (with the exception of Sensex). Yesterday saw each of this indices affected significantly, with the SET leading the losses with a -7.96% decrease. Other indices, such as the SSE, saw smaller (relative) losses of -3.01%. Today was a day of recovery though, leaving this group of indices better off than the European ones.

Leading the gains today was Australia’s S&P/ASX (+3.11%), nearly doubling the gain of China’s SSE (+1.82%) today. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng (+1.41%) was close behind along with Thailand’s SET (+1.22%). Japan’s Nikkei (+0.85%) ended in the green after a loss of -5.38% yesterday. As for India’s Sensex (0.00%), after logging it’s biggest single day fall in history yesterday, the index logged 0.00% today.


Below are the top 3 Cryptocurrencies in terms of market cap.

Commodity Mar. 9 Mar. 10 Change %Change
Bitcoin (BTC)7,8357,967132+1.66%
Ethereum (ETH) 1962037+3.57%
Ripple (XRP)0.2050.213 0.008+3.76%

Yesterday even crypto took a hit while every other market was taking a nose dive. Today, the top three cryptocurrencies each made a healthy gain within the period of March 9 to March 10 22:00 UTC (17:00 EST).

Bitcoin (+1.66%) saw a $132 price increase, putting it closer to the $8000 level after recently falling substantially over the weekend. The March 10 22:00 UTC (17:00 EST) candle recorded an opening price of $7967.

Ethereum (+3.57%) saw a larger percentage gain than Bitcoin, just a day after seeing a larger percentage drop too. ETH logged a change of $7 in the specified time period on March 9th to March 10th, bringing it back up to the $200 level after falling below recently.

As for Ripple (+3.76%), the digital coin saw a larger percentage increase than both Bitcoin and Ethereum today, as well as a smaller percentage loss yesterday. The price moved by $0.008 leaving the coin back above the $0.210 level.


Below is a list of popular commodity futures contracts.

Commodity Last High Low Change %Change
Gold 1,651.45 1,651.95 1,649.10 +2.00 +0.12%
Silver 16.902 16.902 16.872 +0.017 +0.10%
Platinum 872.55 873.85 871.50 -0.05 -0.01%
Copper 2.538 2.542 2.536 -0.002 -0.08%
Brent Oil 37.83 38.00 37.70 -0.11 -0.29%
Crude Oil WTI 34.41 34.75 34.19 -0.46 -1.32%

As for commodities today, only Gold (+0.12%) and Silver (+0.10%) saw any increase from this group. Platinum (-0.01%) and Copper (-0.08%) each experienced slight decreases. Although rather small changes, these are still bigger fluctuations compared to yesterday, with these metals having a range of 0.00% to -0.05%.

After Russia leaving OPEC a couple days ago, oil prices took a massive nose dive by over 24%. Today, prices have increased since yesterday’s report (previously with Brent at $33.32 and Crude at $30.52). From yesterday’s prices, this would leave Brent with an 11.92% increase and Crude with a 12.75% one, with prices being $37.83 and $34.41 respectively.

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