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Kaylee Hartung


ABC News’ Kaylee Hartung opened up about testing positive for the coronavirus during episode of Good Morning America.

“We were in Seattle covering this story, but again, I don’t know who that person was. I came back. I was feeling just fine. Had that runny nose the next morning, woke up and really was knocked off my feet. I was fatigued. I was not looking forward to getting out of bed.”

In addition to a runny nose, Hartung had a headache “right between the eyes,” was congested and had body aches.

“I wasn’t having the symptoms that were being so closely associated with the virus. It was easy for me at first to think this was nothing. ‘This is not something to be concerned about.'”

“I am feeling so much better. This virus was really something that knocked me off my feet for a day, but other than any of the lingering symptoms, every other time in my life where it was something, I would’ve just tried to push through”

She said that she felt “tremendous guilt” about spreading the disease to others and she “had to make uncomfortable phone calls” to friends and colleagues that she had been in contact with after returning from Seattle.

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