Advancing Tree Genomics: Evolutionary Impact and Breeding Applications

By Xavier Roxy

May 25, 2024


As the global climate continues to evolve, it is becoming increasingly vital to develop tree breeding strategies that can build resilience in economically and ecologically important trees. This need has spurred the current molecular breeding paradigm to call for an enhanced approach towards tree-breeding tactics. In response, a special issue has been launched by the International Journal of Molecular Sciences focusing on genomics-based tree breeding. 
The advent of advanced sequencing technology has led to the publication of many high-quality tree plant genomes in recent years. However, there is still much work to be done in terms of leveraging this information effectively for practical applications such as enhancing genetic diversity, increasing productivity, and improving disease resistance, among others. 
This special issue aims at encouraging research into various aspects of tree plant genomics, including but not limited to phylogeny—understanding relationships between different species; ecological adaptations—how trees adapt genetically over time in response to environmental changes; and genomic perspective breeding analyses—using genomic data for selective breeding practices. 
Research areas like gene expression studies (how genes are turned on or off), gene function analysis (understanding what specific genes do), and comparative genomics (comparing genomes from different species), among others, will play crucial roles in addressing emerging challenges related to evolution and application scenarios concerning tree plants. 
In order to facilitate the timely dissemination of valuable findings from these research efforts, manuscripts submitted online at will undergo a rigorous single-blind peer-review process before they are accepted for publication. The journal encourages submissions that are not just confined to standard research articles but also review articles summarizing existing knowledge as well as short communications presenting novel insights or preliminary results. 
A unique feature of this scientific endeavor is its open-access nature, which means all published papers would be freely accessible by anyone across the globe, thereby fostering wider awareness about ongoing advancements made regarding resilient tree-plant breeding strategies amidst changing climatic conditions worldwide. 
It should be noted that while conference proceedings papers under consideration elsewhere may be submitted, manuscripts that have been previously published or are currently under consideration for publication elsewhere cannot be accepted. 
The International Journal of Molecular Sciences is an internationally recognized peer-reviewed journal specializing in the field of molecular sciences. It publishes on a semi-monthly basis and has been instrumental in disseminating cutting-edge research findings to its global readership. 
In conclusion, as we grapple with the challenges posed by climate change, it becomes crucial to develop tree-breeding strategies that can withstand changing environmental conditions. The special issue launched by the International Journal of Molecular Sciences invites researchers worldwide to contribute their knowledge and insights towards this pressing need using genomics-based approaches. With collective efforts from scientists globally, we can hope for a future where our trees continue to thrive despite changing climatic conditions.


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