Starfield Player Finds Squidward Alien & Rare Planet in Galaxy's Edge

By Xavier Roxy

May 25, 2024


The expansive universe of Starfield has been a hotbed for exploration and discovery since its launch in September 2023. With over 1000 planets across 100 star systems, the game offers an immensely diverse range of environments, creatures, and resources to interact with. One such creature that has recently caught players' attention is the Flocking Snuffler Scavenger on planet Leonis III. 
This alien life form was brought into the limelight by Redditor Pedro_MS83, who shared images of this squidward-resembling creature online. This blue-skinned being with a long trunk-like nose may not be much to look at, but it surely adds another layer of intrigue to Starfield's vast cosmos. 
Planet Leonis III itself is quite striking in appearance owing to its luminescent grass fields, which come alive under night skies. But what makes this planet even more interesting is its native fauna, particularly the Flocking Snuffler Scavenger. 
Although deemed "ugly" by some gamers, this creature isn't as threatening as it looks. According to field notes shared by PalwaJoko on Reddit, these beings exhibit a 'wary' temperament and are essentially harmless unless provoked. More importantly, they can provide players with antimicrobials, a resource vital for crafting medical treatments within the game. 
However, not all lifeforms found across Starfield's thousand-plus planets are so benign or beneficial. Players venturing through various star systems might come face-to-face with far more dangerous predators like Terrormorphs or level-40 Hunting Cephalopods—giant spider-octopus hybrids capable of delivering lethal blows depending upon player stats and armor levels. 
These formidable foes bring their own set of challenges and dangers, adding thrills and suspense at every turn during gameplay. Moreover, with the upcoming DLC Shattered Space expected to introduce many new worlds, including Va'ruun'kai (the home planet of House Va'ruun) and a top-secret star system, players can anticipate encountering additional alien species yet to be discovered. 
Starfield's expansive universe offers a diverse range of experiences that keep players engrossed for hours on end. Whether it is the thrill of discovering new creatures or the excitement of collecting valuable resources, every player has something unique awaiting them in this open-world RPG. 
Developed by Bethesda Game Studios, Starfield represents the studio's first original IP in over 25 years. Set in the year 2310, amidst political tensions between the United Colonies and Freestar Collective, players take on roles as members of Constellation, an interstellar exploration team tasked with navigating through the Settled Systems while mitigating conflicts between warring factions. 
In conclusion, Starfield continues to live up to its promise of delivering immersive sci-fi journeys across countless planetary systems. With more content expected from future updates and DLCs like Shattered Space, there are bound to be many more intriguing discoveries waiting for gamers around the world.


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