Ex-President Trump Caught in Major Lie

By Sandy Malone

May 25, 2024


This month, former United States President Donald Trump was hit with a colossal judgment in a civil fraud trial. The New York court ordered him to pay $454 million after he was found guilty of fraudulently misrepresenting the value of his assets to secure more favorable loan terms. 


The revelations about Trump's fraudulent actions are shocking and have received widespread attention in the media. According to Martin Williams of The Herald Scotland, one particularly notable instance involved grossly inflating the valuation of his properties. 


While this may seem like an audacious move even for someone known for their flamboyant lifestyle and business dealings, it is not entirely out-of-character for Donald Trump. Over the years, there have been numerous allegations regarding questionable financial practices related to his real estate empire. 


Trump’s strategy essentially revolved around providing inflated asset valuations when seeking loans or showcasing his wealth while downplaying these same values during tax assessments. This enabled him to receive substantial loans from banks based on these deceitfully high property valuations while simultaneously reducing his taxable income by underreporting asset values. 


In addition to being morally reprehensible and ethically dubious, such behavior constitutes severe financial misconduct punishable under law. Therefore, it is no surprise that when these transgressions came before a court of law in New York – where many of Trump’s assets are located - they resulted in severe penalties against him. 


However, despite all this controversy surrounding him lately due to legal battles and political struggles within the Republican Party, some people continue supporting him staunchly as they view such charges as politically motivated attempts at character assassination. 


Meanwhile across the pond another royal drama is unfolding involving Prince Harry who continues making headlines despite stepping back from senior royal duties alongside wife Meghan Markle early last year. Speculations about tensions between Prince Harry and other members of the Royal family persist with rumors suggesting disagreements over Harry's marriage decision among other things. 


Recent research suggested that online searches for "Prince Harry king" surged after Queen Elizabeth expressed concerns about Prince William flying helicopters with his family, sparking fears about succession. Despite living in California and stepping back from royal duties, the popularity of Prince Harry remains undiminished as indicated by these online searches. 


In conclusion, while Donald Trump battles legal issues related to fraudulent financial practices on one side of the Atlantic, Prince Harry continues to make headlines on the other side despite distancing himself from active royal duties. Both personalities continue attracting media attention due to their unconventional paths and actions that deviate significantly from established norms within their respective spheres.


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