Viva Tech Paris 2024 Reveals Beauty Innovations

By Xavier Roxy

May 25, 2024


The French beauty giant, L'Oréal, has made a significant splash at the Viva Technology Paris 2024 event. The company unveiled an array of cutting-edge innovations that further solidify its leadership in the realm of beauty tech. 


L'Oréal's deputy CEO Barbara Lavernos emphasized the importance of embracing technology to maintain and strengthen their position in the dynamic beauty landscape. "To be the leader in beauty today, you must be the leader of beauty tech," said Lavernos during her speech at Tuesday's event. 


She highlighted how technology can push boundaries and improve people’s lives across the globe. This belief is reflected through an assortment of innovative solutions showcased by L'Oréal at this year’s Viva Tech event: from advanced skin and hair diagnostics to AI-powered personal assistants for beauty advice; from creative labs powered by GenAI to pioneering infra-red light powered hair dryers; from micro-resurfacing devices for elevated skincare performance to human skin-like platforms for product testing and scientific research. 


Asmita Dubey, chief digital and marketing officer at L’Oréal, spoke about one such innovation – CREAITECH GenAI Beauty Content Lab: "Our CREAITECH lab is a testament to what a human hand and a GenAI tool can achieve together in creativity." 


Dubey explained that with new brand custom models they can train AI tools to recognize unique visual codes associated with their brands thereby launching innovative campaigns faster without compromising on responsible use of AI. 


In another major announcement, L'Oréal revealed its partnership with Meta along with top content creators. Guive Balooch, global managing director of augmented reality (AR) & open innovation at L’Oréal announced Airlight Pro - world's first professional dryer using infrared light instead of high heat which mimics natural drying process replicating sun & wind effect making it more efficient than traditional methods. 


Balooch also introduced Lancome Renergie Nano-Resurfacer 400 Booster, a beauty device that enhances cosmetic penetration into skin's outer layer for amplifying product performance. The device uses over 400 ultraprecise silicon tips to produce clinical-grade results without causing any pain. 


One of L'Oréal’s most significant innovations is its human skin-like technology platform used for scientific research and product testing. It closely mimics the diversity of real human skin, including conditions such as acne and eczema, along with tanning and healing capabilities. Currently, L’Oréal is collaborating with startups and renowned institutes worldwide to further develop this technology. 


L'Oréal has maintained a strict no-animal-testing policy since 1989 which underlines their commitment towards ethical practices in beauty tech innovation. 


On the same day at the Viva Technology Paris event, CTIBiotech announced signing a memorandum of understanding with Oriental Beauty Valley – an official partner of Big Bang in China - facilitating CTIBiotech's entry into the Chinese market through the Metron Technology platform offering advanced tissue & cell model solutions. 


In conclusion Balooch mentioned: "Chinese consumers are by far the most open to use beauty tech...the device market is booming...and they are incredibly savvy." This statement reflects not just how inspired L’Oréal is by the Chinese market but also how it sees vast potential for growth in this region specifically catering to its needs using innovative beauty tech solutions.


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