Ease Spinal Disc Degeneration Pain with Ancient Self-Healing

By Alberta Herman

May 25, 2024


Degenerative disc disease is a condition that affects millions of people worldwide, particularly the elderly. This disorder occurs when the discs between our vertebrae—specifically in highly mobile areas like the cervical and lumbar spines—start to break down due to wear and tear or age-related factors. 
The cervical spine, which consists of seven bones (vertebrae) in your neck, supports your head's weight and allows it to move in various directions. The intervertebral disc at each vertebral level forms part of a three-joint complex, together with two small facet joints located behind it. When one joint starts degenerating due to natural aging processes or other causes, it can affect the others' functioning, also leading them towards degeneration. 
Cervical disc degeneration might present itself through persistent neck pain that worsens while upright or moving the head but subsides during rest or reclination. Often, this condition progresses along with osteophyte development—bony projections commonly referred to as bone spurs—causing further reduction in movement flexibility and potentially leading to nerve compression. 
This compression can affect the cervical nerve roots, which supply sensory nerves for the back of the head and neck as well as arms and hands. Patients may experience symptoms such as burning sensations, tingling feelings, numbness, or even pain extending into these regions from their necks. In some cases where upper cervical levels are involved, headaches can be an additional problem associated with this condition. 
Historically speaking, our ancestors discovered fascinating relationships between body parts and their representations on hands for therapeutic purposes; knowledge later migrated eastward, becoming incorporated within Chinese medicine’s meridian theory, focusing on stimulating specific points linked via subtle energy channels throughout the human organism. 
At Prayagraj's Acupressure Research Training & Treatment Institute, they utilize these ancient wisdom traditions, providing relief for patients suffering from debilitating chronic pains caused by conditions like cervical joint degeneration, among others, using magnet therapy techniques based upon those principles mentioned above. 
Their treatment protocol involves placing the white side of a Byol magnet on specific points located on the big toe of the right foot corresponding to the affected cervical joints. For upper joint issues, they recommend applying it to JD 3 points, whereas for lower ones, JD 2 points are preferred instead. 
Securing magnets with surgical tape ensures their adequate positioning during treatment sessions. This simple yet effective approach can bring significant relief for those struggling with such chronic pain conditions, enhancing their quality of life significantly. 
However, as with any health-related concerns persisting despite initial self-care attempts, professional consultation is always advisable, ensuring accurate diagnosis and an appropriate management plan tailored according to the to the person's individual needs and circumstances in order to achieve the best possible outcomes.


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