Balancing Love & Business at Liquid Intrusion Brewing

Married couple merges love and entrepreneurship at their venture, Liquid Intrusion Brewing Company.


Balancing Love & Entrepreneurship at Liquid Intrusion Brewing Co.

By Jack Simpson

May 25, 2024


In a candid conversation with the AFRO, Andrew and Jasmine Dill, the dynamic duo behind Liquid Intrusion Brewing Company (LIBCo), shared insights into how they balance their personal lives with their business endeavors. Together, the two have learned how to overcome challenges as pioneers in the craft beer industry, all while making a significant impact in Prince George's County and keeping the flame in their marriage burning bright. 
When asked about balancing personal relationships with running a business together, LIBCo founders highlighted that structuring everything on a calendar is key. This includes personal plans, work schedules and business tasks. They even schedule date nights! Setting boundaries and communicating needs effectively ensures harmony within their relationship and avoids feelings of being overwhelmed. 
As Prince George's County's first Black-owned brewery, they faced unique challenges within the craft beer industry such as limited access to capital due to systemic barriers against African Americans in alcohol businesses. However, they've experienced triumphs through community support which has been incredibly rewarding for them. Their representation of Black people enjoying craft beer has broken down stigmas and motivated them to continue pushing forward despite difficulties. 
The pandemic was indeed challenging but also served as an unexpected gift for Andrew who got laid off from his job at a beer bar during this period while Jasmine transitioned to working from home. With more time on hand, they ventured into homebrewing which started off as just saving money on beers eventually leading up to launching LIBCo professionally after being gifted a complete homebrew setup by an Air Force veteran’s family. 
Jasmine & Andrew are passionate about increasing diversity within this sector. They ensure presence at every event possible representing challenges & successes of being Black-owned breweries besides supporting other similar ventures through collaborations & community building initiatives too. Moreover holding non-Black owned breweries accountable for cultural appropriation is one major step towards changing White male dominated image of this industry besides highlighting rich history of brewing originally rooted back in Africa by women brewers! 
Furthermore, they are actively advocating at county, state and federal levels while ensuring professional representation of their brand. They plan to host community outreach events, educational programs and job fairs once they establish a brick-and-mortar location aiming to introduce the science behind brewing to local high school students. 
Their products can be found in various bars & restaurants as well as beer & wine stores all over Maryland & Washington D.C. Some notable accounts include being the first Black-owned self-distributed brewery at BWI Airport located in Concourse C besides having presence at Marriott International Headquarters in Bethesda, all World of Beers locations in Maryland, Whole Foods outlets across D.C., and all Southern Maryland Green Turtles locations. 
Andrew and Jasmine’s journey from homebrewing during a global pandemic to pioneering as the first Black-owned brewery within Prince George's County is indeed inspiring showcasing resilience towards adversity besides demonstrating passion for diversity. Their story stands testament that love combined with business endeavors could create something truly impactful like LIBCo which is not just about brewing beer but also about sparking change by breaking barriers within craft beer industry!


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