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By Jack Simpson

June 23, 2024


As global concern continues to put environmental sustainability on the front burner of discussions, it has become increasingly pressing for all and sundry to reevaluate their commitment to issues around sustainability. 
Urbanization, industrialization, and an ever-increasing human population are straining the earth's natural resources to their maximum. According to a United Nations report on 'The Climate Crisis', there is almost no part of the world not affected by pollution in the form of human activities. 
Taking responsibility for these challenges is Access Holdings Plc, a top-line financial conglomerate with a vision inspired by Africa for the world. The company aims at developing social responsibilities centered on environmental consciousness, economic production, and sustainable global growth. 
With sustainable finance inching closer to reaching $1.6 trillion globally, Access Holdings sees an opportunity in delivering sound banking services that integrate responsible environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles into its business lines. With this holistic approach towards sustainability touching upon every aspect of operations, from climate action initiatives such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), investing in renewable energy sources like solar power systems, tackling waste management through recycling programs, and launching green bonds to fund environmentally friendly projects, Access Holdings strives towards building a safer and more humane tomorrow. 
Recognizing that Africa needs over $190 billion per year invested between 2026-2030 according to International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates so as achieve energy/climate change goals presents another opportunity where corporate entities can play significant roles - something which Access Holdings is well positioned for doing given its ongoing initiatives within respective verticals aimed at emission reduction among other things like biodiversity preservation etcetera which form part of overarching ESRM framework used understand/control various risks associated lending activities particularly those having potential negative impacts environment/community levels thus further underlining firm’s commitment towards ensuring better future free from environmental pollution/degradation while also aiding success generations come thereby setting example others follow suit besides making mark being responsible entity aiming towards achieving net-zero emissions by 2035 as part of its ambitious goals. 
The company's green initiatives include the generation of over 8 million kWh of energy from renewable sources, the installation of solar ATMs at nearly 700 locations across Nigeria, and recycling programs in collaboration with ParallelPoint Consult. The company has also issued Africa's first corporate green bond, raising N15 billion (US$41 million) in 2019 to finance environmentally sustainable projects. 
One significant project funded by this initiative includes a flood defense system in Victoria Island, Lagos, and a solar PV system that benefits about 400,000 residents while reducing GHG emissions equivalent to approximately 17k metric tons of CO2 per year, thus making strides toward limiting global warming within desired levels and contributing to the to the parent company’s sustainability focus via various policies and frameworks aimed at mitigating carbon emissions, including reducing the same by half by 2027. 
Furthermore, Access Holdings' commitment towards preserving biodiversity is seen through activities like 'Save Biodiversity in Delta', where it planted hundreds of seedlings and educated students on how to protect and preserve endangered plant species; or 'Go Green Initiative', done in partnership with the with the Lagos State Parks and Gardens Agency, among others. 
Additionally, the Holdco is leading the way in educating future generations on environmental sustainability through programs such as Climate Leadership Fellowship which helps foster climate resilience literacy amongst young adults/adaptation strategies thereby developing crop environmentally conscious citizens ready take up mantle leadership when their time comes hence shaping better world future generations inherit live prosperously without having worry about issues plaguing today’s society due lack foresight past leaders/generations had regarding impacts their actions would have environment we all share depend upon survival well-being both present/future generations alike – something we must never forget nor ignore if are truly committed ensuring our children/grandchildren do not face same challenges/problems we currently grappling with due ignorance/arrogance/inaction part those who were supposed know better/do better but unfortunately failed us miserably many ways than one can possibly imagine. 
In conclusion, Access Holdings Plc is setting a high standard for how corporate entities can and should operate in an environmentally conscious world. Its commitment to sustainability extends beyond mere compliance with regulations; it's woven into the fabric of every project and initiative undertaken by the company. This approach not only makes good business sense but also contributes significantly towards achieving global goals on climate change mitigation and adaptation besides preserving biodiversity, thus ensuring sustainable future generations come, thereby proving once again that it is indeed possible to have profitable business while being socially responsible at the at the same time, provided there is a is a clear vision or determination backed up by concrete actions or plans aimed at realizing the same. Regardless of challenges, obstacles might come along the along the way during the journey towards achieving such noble or praiseworthy objectives or goals.


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