Top Memecoins Set to Surge in Altcoin Season: CryptoRank Analysis

By Angela Torres

May 25, 2024


The cryptocurrency market is known for its volatility, and recent days have seen a significant uptick in this trend. Notably, the buying and selling pressure has increased significantly following the approval of spot Ethereum ETF. This surge has been most notable among ETH-based altcoins, which have recorded impressive gains. 
One area that has particularly caught investors' attention is Ethereum-based memecoins, which have shown some of the highest gains. Investors are increasingly turning their interests towards these coins with hopes of maximizing profits during the upcoming bull rally. 
In light of this trend, we will be examining five mid-cap and low-cap memecoins with high potential for substantial growth—up to 10X—during this anticipated bull market rally. 
First on our list is the POOH project. Launched stealthily without pre-sale or taxes, it locked 95% of its maximum supply on Uniswap and burned keys while allocating only 5% to centralized exchange listings. In just seven days, the POOH price grew by an astonishing 119.20%, making it a strong contender for long-term investment potential. 
Next is Mog Coin (MOG), a community-driven memecoin launched in July 2023 aimed at building user-friendly communities through meme creation and fun activities. Despite trading at around $0.00000104 currently—an approximately 20% discount from its all-time high—MOG coin surged by over two-thirds within just one month, indicating strong momentum ahead. 
Popcat (SOL) was inspired by viral internet memes featuring Oatmeal, a domestic short-haired cat whose images went viral back in October 2020 due to an edited image showing his mouth forming an "O" shape. Within just one day, Popcat's price jumped about 17%. Its year-to-date return stands at over five thousand percent—a clear indication of a bullish outlook in the coming times. 
Samoyedcoin (SAMO) was built on the Solana blockchain during the Solana memecoin rally in 2021. It was designed to promote, educate, and support the Solana ecosystem. The SAMO price has surged by more than three-quarters within just a week, suggesting strong potential for future growth. 
Finally, the KIBSHI token is based on the Ethereum contract and represents the first AI-generated memecoin. Despite starting as a joke inspired by Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB), it has made impressive gains of over 50% this week alone. Its year-to-date return stands at an astonishing 1231%, indicating a strong long-term investment outlook. 
The approval of spot Ethereum ETF signals that we have entered another bull market phase in the crypto world, with Bitcoin's consolidation around $68k, further reinforcing investor interest in memecoins. 
However, investors should note that investing in memecoins can be highly risky due to their volatility, which often results in pump-and-dump situations. Therefore, thorough research ("DYOR") should always precede any investment decision regarding these coins as market volatility continues to rise. 
Disclaimer: This article does not constitute financial advice but is intended for research purposes only. The tokens selected are based on historic market sentiments and social sentiments and do not represent promotional content.


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