Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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Who are we?

Who is Financial News?

What do we offer?

Here at Financial News we strive to provide our audience with all the financial content needed to keep up to date in the constantly changing world of finance. We aim to provide this content in the form of guides, reviews, news articles, interviews, and many more innovative means to come. Our ultimate goal is to provide a value for our audience that is impossible to find elsewhere.

Blockchain and Crypto

We believe that crypto and the blockchain technology underlying it are the future of finance - and that this future is already here.

Our team at Financial News have a thorough understanding of crypto, blockchain, and all its applications. While any major events pertaining to finance are covered here, blockchain and crypto are embedded in our foundation. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert with this new wave of finance, rest assured you can always find the essentials here. Welcome to finance 2.0.

The Team

One of the biggest aspects of Financial News that we take great pride in is the diverse team runnings things behind the scenes.

Our team is comprised of members of all ages, genders, and experiences. From entrepreneurs with over 20 years of experience, to crypto traders with a passion for blockchain technology, all the way over to content creators who are constantly seeking innovative ways to bring you information. Our team is constantly expanding, and with every addition to the team a new perspective and skillset are brought on for your benefit.

We are looking for new talent

We are always looking for amazing talent to help us tell today’s finance stories (especially crypto). If you think you got what it takes write us at [email protected].