The Newest Republican Candidate and the Oldest US finance Problems

The Newest Republican

June 2, 2015- 2015 was always going to be the year in which truck loads of candidates were expected to turn up and run for presidency. The two term requirement for American presidents means that the Barrack Obama’s time in power will end in the year 2016. This has meant that lots of people have turned up to contest the presidential elections with an eye on reaching the White House. One of the newest entrants in this Arena has been Senator Lindsey Graham who hails from South Carolina.

Lindsey Graham has joined a long list of Republican candidates vying for the job of the US president the most notable among them being the Former Governor Jeb Bush brother and son to two former US presidents. Ever since the election bandwagon has started to roll all the candidates have been asked to take up solutions of one of the leading issues that the US economy is facing. Senator Lindsey Graham on the other hand has a different approach to the current financial problems that the US is facing.

Budget caps, and borrowing caps have been one of the most difficult issues that the Obama administration has had to face and it is unlikely that this might change in any way in the near future.

Sen. Lindsey’s solution, talk less drink more.

An avid follower of politics from childhood, the senator explains his solution to the financial woes of the US by the age old formula used by two of the biggest adversaries President Ronald Reagan and Democratic Speaker of the House O’Neill. Back then the two men were at logger heads with each other on the social security plans and there was a growing consensus that they would never reconcile their differences.

Yet the two men stunned the world and the political pundits of the time by agreeing on a plan to implement the social security plan in a way agreeable to both ideologies.

Senator Graham fashions himself as a person who is capable of becoming an old schools compromiser. His theory has a certain zing to it since the current economic woes facing the US at the time include problems such as Social security and Medicare agreements etc. The South Carolina Senator is has already laid out other extensive reforms that he plans to do once elected which includes lessening the tax deduction amounts among other things.

According to the son of the former democratic speaker, it was not only the drinks that the speaker had with the president. It was the idea and the commitment not to let any chasm stand in between the American reform. This one can argue is what Senator Lindsey Graham is basing his political ride to the White House on.



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